Scott grew up in Hermosa Beach CA taking pictures of skateboarding and surfing, creating videos with friends and sometimes breaking into those old WWII army bunkers over in San Pedro.  He graduated from the photo department at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.  Scott shot classic music videos like Wax “California” and Weezer “Buddy Holly” with Spike Jonze, Metallica “Hero of The Day” and Depeche Mode “Barrel of A Gun” with Anton Corbijn, Smashmouth “Walking On The Sun”, Sugar Ray “Fly” and many others with director McG.  Scott has shot tons of commercials with “King of the Super Bowl”, director Bryan Buckley.  From Monster dot com “When I Grow Up” to Xbox “Reindeer Games” and many more.  Scott’s narrative work includes Oscar nominated live action short film “Asad,” “Pirates of Somalia,” “The Bronze” and documentaries for the U.N.H.C.R. which took him to South Sudan and refugee camps in Kenya.  

Lately Scott has gotten back into still photography purely for fun and is mostly shooting street photography and weird candid shots. Check out @scotthenriksen_dp on instagram by clicking the link below. He created a photo zine named Stasis and will happily send you a copy if you want one.  

Scott is currently looking for the next challenge.